1. Choose Your Path

We offer training certification tracks in coding and technology support.

Coding Camps

  • HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, Python, MySQL, Agile

Technology Support

  • CompTIA A+, CompTIA Net+, CompTIA Security+ or CompTIA Cloud+

2. Fund Your Training

We host workshops and seminars on locating the funding you need to start your training.

About the Funding Workshops

If you are unemployed or under employed and are looking for better opportunities, additional training and certifications give you a leg up on the competition in the workforce. There are government programs dedicated to help you get the training to get back to work.

What you will learn:

  • The different types of funds available for training
  • The requirements and process for training grants
  • The types of certification programs that are funded
  • Where and how to apply

3. Focus

Our training programs are designed to certify you with real work place skills.

We have built a holistic training program that not only focuses on the best IT certifications, but the fundamental skills you will need to hit the ground running for any entry level IT position.

You do / We do

  • Our job is to maticulously design a program to quickly develop you into a valuable asset for any IT department.  Connect you with peer resources, employment partners and life long skills.
  • Your job is to focus on the task at hand.  Nothing worthwhile is easy and our program is no exception.  If you focus, sacrifice the time needed to invest in your self and adhere to the demands of the Katalyst Cohort, you can win BIG!

4. Success

We help you define sucess, map out a plan and execute it.

We train you to pass the certification test but also train you to perform on the job skills, soft skills and life skills. We call this training Jedi training. Passing the certification test helps validate your new found knowledge in IT.  Passing your Jedi training validates your work ready skill set. The Katalyst Cohorts make sure you win the game.

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