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Coding is half the job


What They do... As one of the most important positions in the information technology field today, coders go by many names. You’ve heard the term computer programmers, software developers, or perhaps software engineers used interchangeably. A coder is someone who develops and implements programs using a computer-based language known as code. The importance of a coder’s role continues to increase as our society dives further into the age of advanced technology. It’s no secret that coders spend a great deal of their time in front of computer screens. However, it may surprise you that a recent study by ActiveState reported [...]

Coding is half the job2019-08-15T18:31:05-07:00

Is coding the next blue collar job?


With coding accelerating the tech revolution, coders must look beyond IT and consider options in the finance, healthcare and other sectors. From moving the parts of a simple machine to sending a rocket into space, from developing a mobile app to building sophisticated computer software, the power of coding seems to be winning everywhere. We live in times where technology is growing to facilitate business automation and reducing manual efforts. And undoubtedly, it’s coding that is accelerating the wheel of tech-revolution. But what exactly is coding? In simple terms, it is a computer language that [...]

Is coding the next blue collar job?2019-08-15T18:49:27-07:00

Can Hackers fill the massive Cybersecurity job gap?


Cybersecurity incidents are gaining an increasingly high profile. In the past, these incidents may have been perceived primarily as a somewhat distant issue for organisations such as banks to deal with. But recent attacks such as the 2017 Wannacry incident, in which a cyber attack disabled the IT systems of many organisations including the NHS, demonstrates the real-life consequences that cyber attacks can have. These attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, using psychological manipulation as well as technology. Examples of this include phishing emails, some of which can be extremely convincing and credible. Such phishing emails have led to cybersecurity breaches [...]

Can Hackers fill the massive Cybersecurity job gap?2019-08-15T19:14:07-07:00

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